Pet Chemotherapy

At Animal Clinic of Kalispell, our medical team has experience using chemotherapeutics in our cancer patients with the newest advancements in chemotherapy.

A vet examines a cat

Pet Cancer Chemotherapy 

Our most common chemotherapy patients are animals with lymphoma, mast cell tumors, and several other soft tissue sarcomas. When appropriate and necessary, we do refer to Washington State University for further diagnostics and or imaging and radiation treatment.

We humans have many experiences with the word chemotherapy. Many people know somebody who’s gone through chemotherapy or perhaps has gone through it themselves. Unlike the human experience, negative side effects from chemotherapy for pets are exceedingly rare. Pets seldom experience sickness or hair loss, and our priority is to maintain the quality of life for our patients. Our chemotherapy protocols are tailored to each individual patient and if treatment is started, it does not have to be completed.