Pet Cardiology and Echocardiograms

Animal Clinic of Kalispell  has been performing cardiac ultrasounds for nearly 20 years and Dr. Clark has experience with cardiac ultrasound for nearly 30 years.

A vet holding a cat

Pet Cardiology and Echocardiograms

Cardiac workups include checking blood pressure and eye pressure, EKG (electrocardiogram interpretation of electrical rhythm), and cardiac ultrasound. The cardiac ultrasound allows us to see each chamber, muscle, and valve of the heart to assess:

  • Which valves are working correctly and which valves are not.
  • Measure the contractility of the heart
  • Look for free fluid around the heart
  • Assess the cause of specific murmurs

This assessment allows us to tailor treatments appropriately for each patient. In our experience, the vast majority of cardiac diseases in dogs and cats can be diagnosed in the clinic without a cardiologist involved.