Pet DNA Testing

We collaborate with Embark to conduct DNA testing for pets, revealing breed breakdowns, trait insights, and health screenings to ensure the comprehensive well-being of your beloved animals.

closeup of cat with turquoise eyes

Pet DNA Testing

We work with Embark testing pet’s DNA to discover breed breakdowns, trait insights and health screenings for your pet(s). Genetic analysis can reveal potential health conditions that allows us the chance to help you prevent, manage, and/or treat.

Benefits for Your Pet

Unveil Your Pets Genetic History: Pet DNA testing allows you to uncover the genetic secrets of your furry friend. You’ll gain insights into their breed, heritage, and potential health risks. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about their care and better understand their unique needs.

Customized Health and Nutrition Plans: Understanding your pet’s genetic predispositions can help create personalized health and nutrition plans. Whether it’s managing allergies, preventing diseases, or ensuring a balanced diet, DNA testing provides a roadmap for your pet’s well-being.

Early Disease Detection: Some diseases and conditions have a genetic component. With pet DNA testing, you can identify potential health risks early, enabling you and your veterinarian to take proactive steps in disease prevention or management.

Behavior Insights: Discover why your pet acts the way they do. Genetic testing can shed light on their behavior and temperament, helping you tailor your training and socialization efforts to their unique personality.